小鱼儿玄机二站2 /Football fans pleasantly surprised after being tricked into eating veggie hot dogs and burgers

Fans expecting a meaty clash between Cr

ystal Palace and 【香港彩票正规平台 】Wo

lves last wee【三d布衣图库44462 】kend were left disappo【惠泽内部中特密料 】inted - after they discovered burgers and hot dogs served outside the ground were actually veggie versions. Sainsburys set up the sausage sting to【马会平码区 】 promote their new range of plant-based products. Supporters of both clu【红梅独傲雪中花猜一肖 】bs turned up at the burger van before Wolves 1-0 win and ordered ‘beef’ burgers, melt burgers, hot dogs and【∴刘伯温正版四不像中特生肖 】 chilli dog【另正版福利传真 】s unaware they contained m【2017年07期马会资料大全 】eat 【跑狗网33397com 】alternatives. After being told his burger 【码站香港赛马会 】was meat free Sha【黄八仙六肖期期准 】un Be【2020期013期跑狗图正版 】rry, who 【点击打开彩虹六号却没反应 】had travelled down from Wo【2017精准四肖期期中特码 】lverhampton to see Wolves play at Selhurst 【精准六肖推荐 】Park, said: “Nice taste, that. We never eat veggie or vegan stuff at home, but th【老版跑狗图102期四肖图 】ese days it’s coming in more and more. A typical beefburger looks like this but that 【赛马会二头中特 】may be a【2016最新马报资料大全 】bout to change (Image: Getty) Read MoreRelated ArticlesChris Smalling reveals key lifestyle change he【3d2018093期玄机图 】

s made to secure first team spot at Manchester United “Five years ago t【管家婆平特一肖综合资料 】hings were really differ【2020狗年开奖记录结果 】ent. There are alternatives for everyone, and 【2o17新版跑狗图 】I’m all for it【2009第十一期东方心经 】 to 【什么是特马2016资料 】be honest.” Tony Arch, who had【玄机一字解特码彩图 】 been waiting in th

e downpour for hours to see Crystal Palace play, said: “Very nice, it’s not meat but it tastes like meat. “I don’t eat veggie usually, but m【2019年112期正版跑狗图 】y next door neighbour, who’s Finnish, eats it all the time, so I’ll have s【2020年43期什么生肖 】ome of that when I go over to see her.” As Matt Doherty of Wolverhampton Wanderers celebrated scoring against Crystal Palace, fans were munching vegan burgers (Image: 2018 Getty Images) Some punters even took pictures of the ‘Free burgers’ signage to post on social media. And one peckish Palace fan was relieved to discover his chi

lli dog w【2020年096期新版跑狗图 】as meat free, as he had been told to lay off the red meat

by his wife. Ray Walker, who was along supporting Crystal Palace said: “I don’t normally grab food in the ground. We usually stop in and get a sausage roll or something in Sainsburys. A burger van does business in the shadow of

the worlds biggest McDonalds restaurant in the Olympic Park, Stra【单双4肖 】tford (Image:

PA) Read MoreRelated ArticlesWhat is a Vegan? Foods you can and cant eat as Bake Off adopts Veganism “They used to have burgers in the grounds but the price was going up every season, so a stand out here would be busy 【2020年最新一期的码报 】all afternoon 【三肖中特香港马会资料一肖中 】if it was here full time.” Some customer

s were wary o【香港赛马会现场直播视频 】f【平特一尾长年公式规律 】 taking advantage of the too-good-to-be-true offer. Though others called foul on the ruse. Wiley punter Elizabeth Kozlows【香港马会2020开奖结果与记录 】ki blew the whistle on the cheeky stunt. She said: “These guys think they are eating meat - but I knew. The normal football van grub grill looks like this (【六开彩开奖结果2018第16期 】Image: Getty) I looked over at the grill wh【香港马会资枓大全2020图库 】ile they were making the burgers and I thought something looked different. “I don’t mind if they’re not meat, though. I try to stick to a vegetarian diet at home, and I don’t eat much red mea

t – and it’s nice to see other people trying it

, even if they d【一肖中特免费公开资料+论坛 】on’t know 【跑狗高手集聚论坛 】

it. Sainsburys are promoting their plant-based food range (Imag【九龙平特论坛 】e: AFP/Getty Images) Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineCoronavirus death toll hits 132Train station stabbing victim picturedHorrifying Kobe Brya【左右同等连连出打一肖 】nt wreckage picturesPr【2018年四十七的跑狗图 】ince Andrew angry at FBI

claims Sain【2020免费精准六肖官方 】sbury’【2020年4月2号045四不像图 】s ha【神童中特图片 】s expanded its range of vegan-frien

dly products by

over a third, making it e【香港挂牌必中生肖十拿九稳 】asier for their customers to enj【什么会高级八肖图 】oy a veggie, pl【白姐正版四不像生肖准 】ant-based dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Offering a bigger and better selection of on-the-g【2020年六开彩105期 】o snacks and meat-free ingredients to 【香港二四六好彩精选 】get creative with, the ‘Shroomdog’ supermarket has added an additional 22 products to bring customers the next generation in meat-free meal making. All pr【第15期香港开奖记录开奖直播 】o【富婆点特翡翠秘笈自动更新 】ducts will be available in store and online from the 10th October.