心水博 _UFC: As BJ Penn announces his retirement we say goodbye to a legend of mixed martial arts

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B.J. Penn is one of the greatest fighters in the histo【六肖中特有那些生肖 】ry of MMA. From the 【六合宝典九龙心水三中三 】time he first

got on the mat at【ask和bid 】 a Brazilian jiu jitsu class, he was d【跑狗图论坛pg888 】estined to be a fi【各坛杀肖统计 】gure who shaped the perception of what 【今天晚上黄金一肖中特 】it means t

o be a mixed martial artist. Blessed with almost u【五月初五赛龙舟打一肖 】nnatural balance, fluid boxi【三期极限平特一尾资料 】ng, once described by legendary traine【今期四肖期期必中特 】r Freddie Roach as ‘the best in MMA’, ‘The Prodigy’ won the Brazilian jiu jit

su 【铁算盘5495 】world champions

hip little more than four years after taking up the art, making a victorious UFC debut 12 【香港赛马会创富六肖王 】months lat

er. Video LoadingVideo UnavailableC【2o17新版跑狗图47期 】lick to

p【本期猜码三中宝生肖 】layTap to playThe vid【桃花岛心水论03488网址 】eo will start in8C【两肖中特号 】ancelPlay now From that day in 2001 he would lose only one single fight a

t lightweight - an historic decision loss to Jens Pulver until 【正版四不像彩图官网 】he finally ran into Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar at UFC 112. In the interim, Penn fought all comers at【43884红双喜心水论坛 】 all weight classes in organisati【秀山居委会是哪个街道 】ons all over the world. He even lost a close decision to Lyoto Machida in K1, and was regarded as the only fig【白姐统一图库玄机彩图 】hter to have pu【二四六权威费资料大全 正版 】t the Brazilian in signif【62期一肖中特免费公开 】icant trouble on his【399399平特一肖 】 feet until his brace o【中四柱预测马报 】f fig【跑狗图做笔记 】hts with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. BJ Penn wi

ll be fondly remembered by MMA fans (Image: Getty) Upon his return to the UFC, Pe

nn won titles at both lightweight and welterweight, his series of fights with similarly legendary figures like Matt Hughes and George S


Pi【2o19年的生肖图片表 】erre are now, rightly, perceiv

ed as foundational bouts for the promotion’s current global domination. Eventually, however, Penn【跑狗图6654COm 】 settled at lightweight. There he w【6合社区官网 】as a seemingly unstoppable force of nature, possessing knockout po【第二十九期马报图 】wer, fluid, almost effortl【六合四肖精准无错 】ess striking, and a takedown defence that seeming【2016香港挂牌全篇记录 】ly defied logic. Video LoadingVideo Unavailab【六开彩119期开奖结果查询 】leClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay 【精准六肖中特50期 】now Alas, like all great c【开马王中王开奖记录 】hampions, his time had to come to an end【53期跑狗图出了吗 】. I【今日特马新跑狗图 】n the desert heat of Abu Dhabi, the man who defeated him was Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar, 【八面玲珑打一生肖 】and, in truth, his decision victory in their first fight was not only close, it was probably incorrect. However, the damage was d

one. Wheth【2015年全年白姐先锋诗资料 】er it was a lack of confidence or true desire, Penn was a s【114期香港六合四不像图片 】hadow of the 【4067.夜明珠心水论坛 】fighter from then on, and【传真全年特诗 】 the ever improving【管家婆跑狗图香港正本 】 Edgar overwhelmed him in their rematch. BJ Penn couldnt find a way past Frankie Edgar at the TUF 19 Finale (Image: Getty) This defeat heralded a decline which was difficult to watch for fa【2020年30期跑狗玄机图 】ns 【黄大仙精准中特肖 】as the ever game Penn took me【2019年马会第118期6肖 】rciless beatings f

rom the likes of【金牌八肖选一肖中特 】 Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald. It appe【2020报四不像生肖图 】ared that he would n【2017第056期跑狗图 】ever fight again. As a new father he expressed his c

oncern about going home to his family looking bruised and beaten. However, earlier this year he made a surprise plea to Dana White to drop to featherweight to fight Edgar one last time. Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTa【二四六马会生活幽默官网 】p to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now The fight itself was a particularly difficult spe【肖准中 】ctacle to endure. In the end, the【六开彩153期开奖结果 】 stoppage in favour of Edgar was a merciful one, as was the subsequent announcement of his retirement. B.J. Penn fought 28 times in his career. He won 16, lost 10, and drew twice. He was never knocked o【3d小军彩图库 】ut and never submitted. His future induction into the UFC hall of fame is both inevitable and deserved.