蓝姐三中三 |Violent attacker tells policewoman 'I can taste your blood – yum yum' after BITING her face

A woman

told a horrified 【2020年的八卦玄机图 】policewom【正版四不像|正版跑狗图 】an I can taste 【2016各期彩霸王诗 】your blood – yum yum af【细解跑狗图玄机 】ter biting her face in a frenzied attack, a court has heard. Witnesses describ【130999+con中特一肖 】ed Ic【2020年老跑狗图笫二期 】ealyn McLe【杉杉有礼的生肖打一肖 】nnon as behaving【2019年112期香港特码四不像生肖图 】 like an animal on the ev【平特二期必中 】ening in question. She then gouged officers eyes, pulling a clump of hair out, and sinking her t【金码堂新老跑狗图 】eeth into her after 【246好彩天天玄机资料308 】the officer tried to intervene. The attack happened after the officer intervened to try to stop a rampaging and drunken McLennon who was attacking cars and houses in the Port Talbot street where she li【通天正版报126期图 】ved, Wales Onl【创造财富iii必中8码网站 】ine reports. Ian Wright, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that【香港六盒采免费资料20019正版资料大全 】 on May 【3d玄机图 181 】17 this year McLennon began by damaging the bonnet of a car that pulled into the street then – armed with a hammer and a house brick – atta【www王中王cm 】cked 【好吃懒做就是它打一生肖 】the house【管家婆三肖中特期期准开奖结果 】s 【高手解跑狗图排名 】of ne【平特日报王 】i【正版葡京赌侠诗2016 】ghbours, smashing a【精准两波中特网站 】 glass panel in the front door of one of the propert【美好前程是金龙打一生肖 】ies. The court heard the off-

duty officer, who was visiting a friend living in the street, went to【香港挂牌玄机解料 】 try to calm McLennon down. Swansea Crown Court heard how the incident had a【无敌猪哥- 】 massive impact on the officer (Image: Western Mail) But the

defendant threatened the policewoman with the hammer she was carrying. Mr Wright said the officer identified herself as a policewoman and, despite having a plaster-cast on one arm from a previous injury, managed to disarm M【新版跑狗专业解图 】cLennon, 24. The defendant then launched herself at the officer, grappling with the woman, gouging her eyes, pulling out clumps of her hair, and biting her on the face. Read MoreRelated ArticlesPrince Charles regrets decades-long friendship with p【2017香港正版挂牌更新图 】aedophile bishop - rea【2017平特一肖规律 】d royals statement【43期情报中心必中二肖中 】 IN FULL The【香港开码结果资料 】 court heard she t【观音救世报2020彩图 】hen to【2017/053老版跑狗图院 】ld 【2019年117期,管家婆资料,玄机图 】the officer: I can taste your blood – yum, yum. The court h【奇人阅码八码中特 】eard the defendant had consumed two small bottles of vodka on the day in question. McLennon, of Dan-y-Bryn Road, Port Talbot, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon, and criminal damage. The cou【2020年29期京版跑狗图 】rt heard the assault has had a massive impact on the officer, lea【跑狗图2018年正版全年欲钱料 】ving her with an

injured knee which means she needs to use crutches. She is currently on a waiting list for an MRI scan to assess th【六友买马 免费 】e full damage. John Allchurch, for McLennon, said his client r【正版四不像,中一肖图 】ecognised she needed 【2019年117期开马资料 】to seek pr【118全年历史彩图2020 】ofessional help for the issues in her life. Judge Paul Thomas QC told McLennon that on the night in question she had been ridiculously drunk and behaved in a way that was di【一118图库里边的人r 】sgraceful and violent in the extreme. Witnesses say the defendant behaved like an animal (Im【富翁的三肖六码,查一下 】age: SOUTH W【专题跑狗玄机一字记之曰 】ALES EVENING POST) Read MoreRelated ArticlesCharles Bronson waiting to blow aft【新版老板跑狗图 】er prison guards showed him photos of wife partying with other men in Tenerife He said the off-duty officer bravely intervened to try to defuse the situation only to be brutally attacked and said only a custodial sentence【第117期跑狗 】 could be justified. He sentenced her to 12 months in prison for the assault, three months for possess【玄机解一肖一码 】ion of the offensive weapon, and one month for criminal damage with all the terms to run concurrently. The prosecution requested a restrain【白姐心水论坛图库 】ing order to protect the McLennons victims and neig【六肖精准六肖王 】hbours but the judge said for【2020年所有全年资料免费公开 】 such an order to be workable it would have to include a prohi【跑狗专题一香港正板投跑玄机图专题 】bition from entering Dan y Bryn Road, which would effectively mean the defendant could not return to live in the home she shared with her mother after her release and that would not be proportionate. As McLennon has never worked and was now facing a prison sente

nce the judge also said he wo

uld not make a compensation 【2020年51期跑狗图彩图 】order – though he said the officer was of course entitled to pursue compensation through other means.